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For our Q2 List of Top Influencers in Crypto, Financial markets, Trading and Investing, we’ve decided to stay gender-neutral. Hopefully, you’ll find our mix of beauty and brains both valuable and entertaining

Stacy Herbert

Twitter handle: @stacyherbert

Twitter byline: Hang out here talking bitcoin with space cats | Bitcoin since 2011 | Watch my podcast: @orangepillpod | Start stacking:

Number of followers: 120.5K

If you ever watched the slightly wacky Keiser Report, its better half, Stacy Herbert, is the one who always reins in her explosive hubby Max Keiser, counter-weighing his flamboyant demeanour with her calm wit. She also hosts Double Down on Radio Sputnik and is the CEO and Director of StartCOIN Holdings Limited, a blockchain-based crowdfunding company. And, as if all of the above isn’t a full enough plate…

Rejoice, for TRASTRA is celebrating crypto by giving away EUR10 worth of BTC to anyone in the EEA (European Economic Area) who wants to adopt cryptocurrencies as a way of life!

The rules are as simple as opening your browser:

Tag TRASTRA on your social media with the tag #givemeBTC (feel free to share an existing post from our blog, we don’t mind!). Or simply DM us the tag #givemeBTC and get your free crypto!

IMPORTANT: make sure to activate your wallet using the link you receive from us!

Voilà! Under no obligation from you whatsoever (as in “here, take…

I sat down with Hanna hours before she was supposed to go off on her well-deserved vacation. But Hanna Petrova, TRASTRA’s “Employee Zero” — the very first hire by the founder, Roman Potemkin — is not easily swayed out of the COO mode by the promise of sandy beaches. Enjoy our sparkling conversation about Hannah herself, women in crypto, startup culture, and the future of TRASTRA

The story first appeared on TRASTRA blog, Hanna Petrova interviewed by Anton Shmerkin

Give us a little bit of a background on yourself, a short version of your resumè if you will

If we start with the degree that I have, it might be hard to explain how I ended up working with…

Ordering a Visa-issued TRASTRA crypto debit card is as essential as owning plastic from a regular bank. If you want to enjoy the entire suite of benefits TRASTRA membership offers, it’s not enough to just play around with the mobile app. The card is your key, your gateway to the world of crypto that’s becoming more and more intertwined with legacy banking. Your TRASTRA card is an indispensable tool to use at the very intersection of the two worlds.

For those of you who prefer video instruction, we’ve prepared this 2-minute guide. And if after viewing it you still have…

Is getting verified on the platform important? You bet, it is. Unless you take these four simple steps, you’ll be unable to enjoy the benefits of TRASTRA in any way, form or capacity. It’s that simple. Luckily, we’ve prepared this step-by-step guide to crypto greatness with us. Please take some time to go over our instructions so the future may reveal its bright colours to you as soon as possible

TRASTRA account verification is the process of confirming your identity based on provided documents. …

TRASTRA is an ideal tool for digital nomads, and the company’s founder and CEO, Roman Potemkin, is the ultimate digital nomad. Based in Prague, he manages his coming-of-age startup on the fly with a gusto that can only be found in a true citizen of the world who feels very strongly about digital transformation, the Internet of Things, and, most importantly, his legacy in the Cryptoverse. I plucked Roman from his busy schedule for a two-hour long heart-to-heart about mobile banking, TRASTRA, crypto as a whole, and what the financial system of the future should be. …

Any earnings from a source that requires minimum effort to earn and maintain are known as passive income. One of the latest additions to various passive income avenues is the introduction of cryptocurrency affiliate programs or referral programs. If you have a website, blog, YouTube channel, social media profile, or any other platform and have a significant online presence and followers, it’s time to make the most of it. capitalize on your online presence by selecting a cryptocurrency affiliate program. Through these programs, you earn a commission whenever a paying customer is sent to the affiliate’s website from your channel.

Christmas crypto gifts, shop with Bitcoin, trastra, trastra card, cashout crypto, bitcoin gift, online crypto purchases
Christmas crypto gifts, shop with Bitcoin, trastra, trastra card, cashout crypto, bitcoin gift, online crypto purchases

Christmas is here and it is finally time to rejoice. The crypto community has much to celebrate, and what better way to do that than celebrating a crypto themed Christmas. Christmas shopping is always fun but finding the right Christmas crypto gifts can be a daunting task. But a little brainstorming can take you a long way in finding some exciting Christmas purchases.

To make your job easy, we have curated some of the best Christmas gifts that you can shop with Bitcoin or purchase crypto themed gifts with regular currency.

Read also — Places to spend crypto during Christmas

Christmas purchase, Christmas crypto purchases, places to spend crypto, Trastra, places that accept Bitcoin, gifts with crypt
Christmas purchase, Christmas crypto purchases, places to spend crypto, Trastra, places that accept Bitcoin, gifts with crypt

The holiday season is right around the corner. Christmas cheer is in the air. This means it is time to get started on your holiday shopping. Retail marketplaces including Amazon and eBay have simplified online purchases, but they don’t cater to those who wish to make crypto payments. Making Christmas purchases has never been this easy or simple because now you have an option of using cryptos! Get started with your Christmas shopping using different cryptocurrencies. Whether it is Bitcoin or any other alt currencies, you can now shop with crypto! Christmas crypto purchases support the growth and common adoption…


TRASTRA is a last-mile solution for all cryptocurrency users. It allows to get paid in crypto and cash out in EUR with the TRASTRA payment card issued by VISA

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