Malta AI & Blockchain Summit 2019: the event diary

Last week Malta AI & Blockchain Summit 2019 was held in St. Julians, Malta, organized by SIGMA. This event focused on Blockchain, AI and IoT.

Many startups were present to exhibit their amazing projects and products. TRASTRA also did the same, so let’s find out how it all happened!

What was the goal for visiting Malta AI & Blockchain Summit 2019?

Roman Potemkin (TRASTRA’s CEO and Founder):

“TRASTRA is a product that proved to be good. I know that from feedback our team received from our clients. We have a good solution for cashing out crypto. As things were going pretty well, we’ve decided to make a partnership program for our customers and partners, so they could promote our service and get rewards for that.

Thus, we’ve come to Malta Summit with our partnership program to find new partners. And this plan succeeded! We’ve found 150 contacts for partnership, and this is a great result!”

What were your impressions during the Malta event?

Hanna Petrova (TRASTRA’s COO):

“It exceeded my expectations! I knew that it would be a big event as it was stated that there would be 5500 attendees. Also, I understood that it would be held in a nice place, as it was Hilton, and there would be nice views. I’ve never visited such a big event before and I was really excited!

Still, I was impressed. Astonishing views, a lot of places to visit and, the main thing, a lot of friendly and easy-going people who appeared to become our partners. Strongly recommend visiting Malta Blockchain Summit!”

How were you looking for investors?

Tanya Protsenko (Head of Сlient Success):

“Malta AI & Blockchain Summit team organized a great and very interesting event. It is so exciting to be there with loads of awesome people from all over the world, both potential investors and service providers.

As for investors, it is better to identify which ones will invest in your business and then put together a compelling presentation. Many investors focus only on certain industries, so you’ll save yourself time if you figure out their focus ahead of time. Thus, it is advisable to reach out to them before the event through LinkedIn, for example. During the Summit the Whova app helped us a lot to be up to date and get in touch with interesting for potential partnership people.

Our TRASTRA team was really very glad to become a part of this considerable conference.”

What can you say about finding affiliates and referrals?

Victor Banerdzhi (TRASTRA’s Business Development Executive):

“I think Malta was very well organized and fun overall, it had lots of networking events, workshops, conferences, and a great nightlife to relax after a hectic work day.

We had our stand where most of the meetings took place, and apart from that networking events were a great place to meet new people and make new contacts. The key to networking in terms of finding affiliates and referrals is to have small talks with them and not be too shy to introduce yourself and be open and friendly.

Everyone at the conference is there to do some sort of business or integration. I was well prepared for the conference since I started contacting people and setting up meetings a week prior to it and that kind of organization helped us to close deals and be a familiar face at the conference. Apart from that, I also used the app and made contacts there, so overall it’s a known face that closes the most deals and I tried to be one.

Malta is great in terms of tasty food and cuisine, it is cheap and very cool place to hang out too. Overall I recommend people to visit such events more often.”

What about networking?

Gleb Biienik (TRASTRA’s Product Marketer):

“I was really surprised that Malta is literally saturated with the spirit of networking. And this networking was out of the Summit. It was a pleasure to see people with badges of participants discussing the topic of crypto or blockchain.”

We also met potential partners and had lunch, took walks in the city, or attended parties together.

TRASTRA goals were:

  • To find investors
  • To find referral partners
  • To present a TRASTRA debit card launch
  • VISA approval for exchange and cash out crypto.

In the end, we gathered a huge base of leads and contacts!

The TRASTRA team also visited many famous locations in Malta via boat trip and was invited by Harald Pia to see ten boxing matches between some of the best boxers in the European Zone.

In conclusion, the TRASTRA team:

- had 5 members attending the summit;

- conducted 160 personal meetings over the course of 2 days;

- had their stand on the 1st floor of the startup village visited by 2000 delegates.

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