The Best Crypto Referral Programs of 2020

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The pandemic has affected a lot of people financially. Due to loss of a steady stream of income, many people are looking for different ways to earn passive income and boost their earnings. With Bitcoin and cryptocurrency gaining traction, people have turned to trading and storing crypto in a bid to make a fortune.

Several cryptocurrency platforms have used this to their leverage and started affiliate programs and referral programs that can help people who are looking to find passive income avenues in the crypto world. While there are some companies that give you a standard referral rate, there are others that increase the amount paid to you based on the traffic you generate for them.

To know some of the best companies and programs this year, we have curated a list, just for you by collating the industry leaders.


TRASTRA is a last-mile solution for all cryptocurrency users.

The company is propelling crypto debit cards for business and daily use for clients in 31 EEA countries.

Via TRASTRA you can easily exchange crypto currency to fiat currency and back instantly.

The Trastra Referral program awards you 5 euros with each card that is activated through your referral and 0.2% of the commission on the card exchanges for a period of 6 months. If the traffic you bring in is more, this could be increased!


Crypterium’s referral program allows you to send your referrals a $5 gift courtesy of Crypterium. If your referrals make a minimum transaction of 50 euros, you and your referral make $5 each, in 72 hours! For the period of one year, you continue making 25% on each ‘crypto to fiat currency’ transaction made by your referral.

During this referral program if someone joins the platform through your referral link, $50 worth of CRO is locked in their wallet, which can be staked for a metal MCO VISA card. As soon as they reserve one, you are automatically rewarded with $50 worth of CRO in your account.

Many people have got on to the Crypto bandwagon and it only gets better and better with time. The crypto card and famed Bitcoin card were amazing additions for transactions and made the world of crypto much more convenient when they came along.

In order to earn crypto or earn money through crypto, companies are basically paying you to invite friends and spread the word! Through your referral and affiliate programs, you can have other crypto enthusiasts sign up and make a small earning on their transactions. The percentage you earn is completely reliant on the platform you choose, so make sure you think of all the pros and cons before making a decision.

We hope this article helped you in some way to understand how crypto referral programs work and how they can be beneficial to you.



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TRASTRA is a last-mile solution for all cryptocurrency users. It allows to get paid in crypto and cash out in EUR with the TRASTRA payment card issued by VISA